Homelegance Glider Brown Reclining Chair

Customer Ratings:

Brown color, especially if it is a darker shade of brown can do well with the walls that are any color you prefer. This is almost a neutral color that adds elegance for your home and goes well with the rest of the furniture.This is a chair that generally needs maybe a bit more space but you can manage that space by moving a few things around, because generally this leather reclining chair is super comfortable and it would be a shame not buying one.

People said that the chair is comfortable enough for the price, and they are not wrong; many times you get to see other recliner chairs and they are not as functional as this brown leather reclining chair. If you are someone who is not as tall, this chair might be somewhat big for you, but this also comes as an advantage because it is probably true what they say – the bigger the better!

Color as we can see, is brown, which suits most people who don’t want their leather recliner chair black – brown color opens the space a little more and as we said, goes well with the brighter colored rooms. The chair however doesn’t recline all the way back, but let’s say some 75% of the way back. This is not a disadvantage, because it is not even healthy for your spine to be reclined all the way back.

Many people praised the price of this leather reclined chair, saying that paying twice as much for other name brand retailers is ridiculous when you have much more quality chair for this ‘lower’ price. But the price can fluctuate, depending on where you buy it, so be careful with you choices.

This leather reclining chairs are also really puffy, plush and comfortable. If you are not a person who is smaller, but somewhat plus sized, this leather recliner chair can fit you too! We get to see by this how this chair is large and can fit anyone’s needs. The delivery comes within 5 days, and you will have to be home for it when it arrives. The delivery is free. 

People also reported that it is easy to assemble this chair, so it is overall not that complex to put together. However, many people stated that there should be more cushion on the head part too as well as there are all over the leather recliner chair. This is a bit of a con, but if you are in need, you can use your favorite pillow and place it on the head rest if you feel like you need more support for your head. So this is not that much of a problem. People who have a back problem should get the memory foam if they want to be super comfortable. The material is also nice and smooth, this is why leather proves to be a great choice, and it is easy to clean.