Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman set Recliners for Sale

Customer Ratings:

This elegant reclining chair comes with two colors – cherry and espresso, like the coffee. There isn’t much of a difference between these two colors; the cherry colored chair is not typical color of a cherry but it has a slight darker tone than the espresso color. Anyways, this recliner chair is super comfortable, but it is also modern and really plush, so you have that in the mix as well.

Many new moms can breastfeed their kids on this chair, as said in the reviews. It is super comfortable for a new mom’s back after 9 months of pregnancy. Having said that, this chair is also great for pregnant women as well. You won’t find a better looking recliner chair that is both elegant and not expensive. The furniture is easy to assemble as this chair is not as big as previous are. They save more space and beside that, they look great with neutral colored walls or any other type of color you prefer, because these chairs are neutral in color. So wherever you put them, and in whatever colored surrounding this chairs find themselves, they will fit, so that is a big plus.

If you have a fireplace, this recliner chair can be excellent place to sit or even nap, read a book and all sorts of things. The possibilities are endless. With cushions like these, there is no man or a woman who wouldn’t want to own this chair.

However some people said that the seating cushion is a bit hard, but putting one extra pillow on it would be a solution. People also said that because the cushions are too plush, that it wears down fast, so this can prove to be a con as well. 

To extend the durability, you can add certain pillows or memory foam to extend the durability. Many parents are satisfied with the chair even though it wears off after some time. If it wears off you can put it in the patio or on the porch, whatever works for you. It would be a shame to just throw it out and not use it.

The assembly is quite easy and quick, so there is a plus as well. The glide is smooth as well, as reported by the reviews, but initially it has a decent build quality of the chair. And people said that the bottom cushion is not that plush, and because of the gentle fabric, it can get dirty. 

You can clean this chair with warm and wet cloth, but still you would have to be very careful not to spill anything on it.After some time you will maybe have to buy new cushions for the recliner, but overall this product offers good reviews and many people are initially satisfied with it.